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This gem is designed to integrate the Pusher Notification System in Redmine but you may use it for other Rails apps ;)

It aims to provide a small DSL for plugin developers who want to use Pusher notifications for their Redmine plugins.

To achieve this, you should install first Redmine Pusher Notifications which actually install this gem and the gritter gem.

Then you just need to declare your channels and events in your init.rb file. That's all!



gem install acts_as_notifiable_redmine


(1) First you need to configure you Pusher account :

ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.register_courier :pusher do
  app_id    'xxxxx'
  key       'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
  secret    'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
  encrypted true

Note : If you're using Redmine Pusher Notifications plugin you don't need to do this. Instead, go to the plugin configuration page.

(2) Then you need to register your channels and events : each channel can have many events. It may also have an optional target parameter which can be a string or a Proc.

ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.register_channel :channel_test do
  target { User.current.login }
  event  :event1, :sticky => true
  event  :event2, :sticky => false
  event  :event3

ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.register_channel :broadcast do
  target 'broadcast'
  event  :event1, :sticky => true
  event  :event2, :sticky => false
  event  :event3

Note : If you're using Redmine Pusher Notifications plugin this is done in init.rb file.

(3) Once done, you can get the registered channels and events with :

ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.channels.each do |name, channel|
  puts "#############"
  puts "Channel :"
  puts "name       : #{}"
  puts "identifier : #{channel.identifier}"
  puts "token      : #{channel.token}"
  puts "events     :" do |event|
    puts "  * #{} (sticky : #{event.sticky?})"
  puts ""

To get the Pusher parameters :

courier = ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.courier

puts "#############"
puts "Courier :"
puts "name      : #{}"
puts "app_id    : #{courier.app_id}"
puts "key       : #{courier.key}"
puts "secret    : #{courier.secret}"
puts "encrypted : #{courier.encrypted}"

(4) Finally to send notifications :

ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.send_notification([channel.token],, {:title => 'Hello!', :message => 'This is a test message !'})

Note : The logic to determine wether or not to send a notification is let to the developer. You can easily do this with callbacks :

class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :watchers
  after_create :send_notification


    def send_notification
      channels = []
      watchers.each do |watcher|
        token = '<channel_name>-' + watcher.login
      ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.send_notification(channels, <event_name>, {:title => 'Hello!', :message => 'This is a test message !'})

(5) And to display them (put this in the layout) :

<% if User.current.logged? %>

  <%= javascript_tag do %>

    $(document).ready(function() {
      $.extend($.gritter.options, {
        fade_in_speed: 'fast',
        fade_out_speed: 'fast',
        time: 6000,

      $(function() {
        var pusher = new Pusher('<%= ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.courier.key %>');

        <% ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.channels.each do |name, channel| %>
          var <%= j channel.identifier %> = pusher.subscribe('<%= channel.token %>');

          <%= channel.identifier %>.bind('subscription_error', function(status) {
              title: 'Pusher : <%= channel.identifier %>',
              text: 'Subscription error'

          <% do |event| %>
            <%= channel.identifier %>.bind('<%= %>', function(data) {
                title: data.title,
                text: data.message,
                image: data.image,
                sticky: <%= event.sticky? %>,

          <% end %>

        <% end %>

  <% end %>
<% end %>

Note : gritter is not bundled with this gem. If you're using Redmine Pusher Notifications this part is already done by the plugin.


You can contribute to this plugin in many ways such as :