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Download the hpi file and install it within Jenkins interface.


In the global Jenkins configuration, set up host and port of your PostgreSQL server and enter credentials of the PostgreSQL user that shall be used to create databases and grant permissions. Note that this user needs at least CREATEDB and CREATEROLE permissions.


Configure a database name in a job. The plugin ensures the database exists when the job is run. It grants all permissions for the database to a job specific user and publishes its credentials in the environment variables $PGSQL_USER and $PGSQL_PASSWORD. It also ensures that the database is dropped at the end of the job.

These environment variables will be injected in the build :

See also

There is also a MySQL variant of this plugin : jbox-web/job-database-manager-mysql


A big thank to them for their contribution!


You can contribute to this plugin in many ways such as :