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This plugin is designed to integrate the Pusher Notification System in Redmine to display nice notifications in Growl style.

It aims to serve as a central point to store Pusher configuration.

It relies on the acts_as_notifiable_redmine gem so plugins developpers can access to the DSL provided to register their own channels and events (see the doc below).

The acts_as_notifiable_redmine also provides a method to send asynchronous notifications via Pusher.

It also relies on gritter gem to display notifications so plugins developpers also have access to its functionalities in their controllers like gflash synchronous notifications ;).

You can take a look to the pusher controller which implements the both methods.




## Before install the plugin, stop Redmine!

root$ su - redmine
redmine$ cd REDMINE_ROOT/plugins
redmine$ git clone
redmine$ git clone
redmine$ cd redmine_pusher_notifications/
redmine$ git checkout v1.0.2
redmine$ cd REDMINE_ROOT
redmine$ bundle install

## After install the plugin, start Redmine!


Go to the plugin settings page within Redmine interface to configure your Pusher account informations. That's all!


If you want to integrate Pusher async notifications in your plugin, or just Gitter with gflash you may need to register your own channels and events in your init.rb file : each channel can have many events. It may also have an optional target parameter which can be a string or a Proc.

## This must be OUTSIDE of the Redmine::Plugin.register block

ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.register_channel :channel_test do
  target { User.current.login }
  event  :event1, :sticky => true
  event  :event2, :sticky => false
  event  :event3

ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.register_channel :broadcast do
  target 'broadcast'
  event  :event1, :sticky => true
  event  :event2, :sticky => false
  event  :event3

Then to send notifications you have 2 options :

For asynchronous notifications :

ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.send_notification([channel.token],, {:title => 'Hello!', :message => 'This is a test message !'})

Note : The logic to determine wether or not to send a notification is let to the developer. You can easily do this with callbacks :

class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :watchers
  after_create :send_notification


    def send_notification
      channels = []
      watchers.each do |watcher|
        token = '<channel_name>-' + watcher.login
      ActsAsNotifiableRedmine::Notifications.send_notification(channels, <event_name>, {:title => 'Hello!', :message => 'This is a test message !'})

For synchronous notifications :

In a controller :

def test
  data = {}
  data[:message] = 'Hello!'
  data[:sticky] = true
  data[:image] = "<img class=\"gritter-image\" src=\"/plugin_assets/redmine_pusher_notifications/images/ok.png\">"
  gflash :now, :success => { :value => data[:message], :sticky => data[:sticky], :image => data[:image] }

In a JS partial :

$(document).ready(function() {
  <%= gflash :js => true %>

In a HTML partial :

<%= link_to 'Test me!', test_path, :remote => true %>

For more details, take a look at gritter.


You can contribute to this plugin in many ways such as :