Update your Redmine instance, easy ;)

A mina script to easily update Redmine.

The script assumes you're using Puma to run Redmine.


root# git clone https://github.com/jbox-web/redmine_updater.git
root# cd redmine_updater
root# bundle install


root# cd redmine_updater
root# echo '<REDMINE_DOMAIN>' > .domain
root# mina deploy

Replace by the Redmine domain name used to access to Redmine : redmine.example.net.

You can pass an environment variable to specify the Redmine version you want to deploy (default: master) :

root# REDMINE_VERSION=2.6.8 mina deploy
root# mina puma:start
root# mina puma:stop
root# mina puma:restart
root# mina sidekiq:multi:restart
root# mina sidekiq:multi:stop
root# mina sidekiq:multi:quiet


You can declare Sidekiq workers to restart on deployments by adding them in the SIDEKIQ_WORKERS constant in config/deploy.rb script :

  redmine_git_hosting: { sidekiq_processes: 1 }


If you're using Redmine d'Anth├Ęs Plugin you can add invoke :'danthes:restart' in the launch section of config/deploy.rb script to restart Faye/Thin on deployments.


Of course you can change any values in config/deploy.rb script :

set :shared_paths, [
  # Rails

  # Redmine

  # Redmine server

  # Add Themes


You can contribute to this plugin in many ways such as :